About Planet53

Planet53 is the trading name of Leeds based website designer and solopreneur Jim McGuire.
Jim McGuire

I’m Jim. I live in Leeds with my wife Jenny, we exist mostly for travel and dogs (adopt, don’t shop!). I love all things tech and particularly all things Apple, to the despair of my wallet… and Jenny.

While I may be a “solopreneur”, I don’t consider myself a one man band; I’m lucky enough to have formed strong partnerships with talented graphic designers, SEO experts and PPC professionals all of whom work tirelessly to ensure my clients achieve the strongest possible growth for their business.

In my personal time I enjoy professional wrestling (watching, not doing), gaming (doing, not watching) and Muse, a band I’ve had the pleasure of seeing live more times than I care to admit in a professional setting! It’s at this point that I can only hope you’ll judge me on the quality of my work and not the peculiarities of my hobbies.

If you’ve reached this far and still haven’t been put off, well that’s surely a good sign. So pop me a message and let’s see if we’re good fit. I look forward to hearing from you!

Jim McGuire