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How to add live chat to your website

The live chat feature on is one of the most popular and frequently used features of my website and service as a whole.

Not only does live chat provide an efficient method of offering timely support to existing clients, it’s also an incredible tool in generating valuable leads for any online business.

Signing up to LiveChat

To install live chat on your website, you’ll first need to sign up for a livechat account (click here).

How much does LiveChat cost?

LiveChat starts from just $16 / month per agent with additional discounts available on yearly plans. It includes apps for Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS so you can access the platform wherever and whenever you work.

How to install LiveChat on your website

After signing up to LiveChat, you’ll be provided with a website embed code.

If you’re an existing Planet53 client, you can simply email this code to and I’ll take care of adding it to your website for you. Simple as that!

If you’d like a hand configuring your LiveChat, feel free to reach out any time and I’d be happy to help.

Jim @ Planet53