Registering your domain name

Choosing a registrar

There are countless domain registrars available to choose from. The truth is, it doesn’t really make much difference which one you choose to register your domain name with.

That being said, I personally recommend GoDaddy thanks to their excellent ‘delegate access’ tool which allows you to grant permission to another GoDaddy user to access your domain settings.

This is useful for allowing someone such as your web designer (hello!) to make necessary tweaks in your DNS (Domain Name System) without the messy business of sharing passwords.

Choosing your domain name

My clients are typically based in the UK, so I’m often asked about the differences between .com, and .uk

The simply answer is; if you care about protecting your brand name and avoiding potential confusion with other business, then my advice is to register several variations of your domain.

So for example if your business is called My Business, then there’s no harm is registering both and

We can very easily set up multiple domains to point the same website, so none of your domains will ever go to waste.

Checking the availability of your desired domain

Simply enter your desired domain name in the search bar on and your search results will inform you if the domain is available and at what price.

GoDaddy Checkout Process FAQ

“Do I need domain privacy & protection?” – while it’s not an absolutely necessity, privacy protection prevents your address & contact details from being visible in public domain records which anyone can access, so I do recommend it.

“Shoud I include email through GoDaddy?” – For security, I’m a big believer in keeping your domain / email & hosting services completely separate (though they can still sahre the same domain). With that in mind, I don’t recommend setting up your business emails through GoDaddy. Instead, I recommend Google Workspace which will allow you to connect your GoDaddy domain to a Gmail account.

And finally…

If you have any questions at all during the domain registration process, feel free to reach out to me in a live chat @ Jim @ Planet53