Ways to Redesign Your Website and Save Your Business

Your website is a product that you have thought and developed for hours, perhaps even hiring a designer. You have also likely spent time pondering on colour choices and visual imagery, spending a great deal of money on design elements. Your website may also be born out of countless hours of reading books and other websites, trying to find the perfect formula for a successful website. Unfortunately, your website is not meeting your expectations. The goal of every eCommerce website is to convert prospects into paying customers, but if your website is hindering that, it’s time to realize the failure and move forward.

Ways to Redesign Your Website and Save Your Business

1 – Make it mobile-friendly

Mobile-friendly websites have been proven to increase visitor traffic and conversions. A global study conducted by Google revealed that “mobile phones have replaced desktop computers as the most common way people search for local businesses.”

Not only will a mobile-friendly website help you reach a larger audience, but it can also help you to increase your ROI.

2 – Ensure your site is error-free

It’s no secret that a website that has errors will not be trusted by visitors. Humans tend to gravitate towards websites that are error-free and look visually appealing. This is also true in reverse. It is inherently hard to trust a website that is littered with errors, and therefore, you must be able to ensure that your website is completely error-free.

3 – Update the design

The design of the website is very important, and if you have been using the same design for a long time, it’s time to update it. It’s important to design based on the latest trends and user habits in order to optimize the user experience.

4 – Keep up with the times

It’s important to update your website with the latest information on your products. If you are not keeping up with the times, your website will begin to look outdated and will not be able to appeal to the masses.

5 – Improve loading time

Today’s web visitor is smart and will not linger long on a website that takes forever to load. If your website takes more than three seconds to load, your visitor will likely leave your website, and chances are they will not return.

6 – Optimize for search engines

When a website loads faster, it shows up higher on search engines to increase your SEO. A properly optimized website gets you more traffic from organic searches.

7 – Use visuals

According to an article from eMarketer, visuals are more important to buyers than ever before. “With consumers searching for answers to their questions and researching products on their own, eMarketer believes that visual content will be even more dominant in the future.”

Visuals are what help visitors to your website to determine if you are credible. When visitors can see your products in a visual way, they are able to envision what they will look like in real life.


There are many ways you can get your website more exposure, increase sales and improve your return on investment. Having a professionally designed eCommerce website is a great way to boost your ROI.

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