What Is a Website’s Role in Running a Small Pet Business?

The pet industry is ever-growing thanks to the many pet lovers that bravely take on the responsibility of bringing a fur baby home.

In fact, in the United Kingdom, 51 per cent of adults own a pet, with 26 per cent of these pets being dogs. Meanwhile, 24 per cent are cats, and the remaining 2 per cent are rabbits.

If you’re looking to join the pet industry, there are a plethora of business models to choose from, including pet daycare, training, shop, boarding, and sitting. While these business models are inherently unique, they share a commonality: they all need websites to operate smoothly.

Why Is a Business Website Important in This Day and Age?

It’s safe to say that the technology boom has revolutionised the way people conduct business. With the advent of the internet, the virtual world has become a wonderful tool for businesses of all sizes.

A website allows businesses to reach a wider audience, share information and insights with their audience, and increase their customer base. Moreover, potential clients and customers can contact you easily through your website.

Other than that, here are the other benefits of launching a business website:

1. It Doubles as an Online Shop

A website can be your shop’s central hub for businesses that thrive on the distribution and sale of goods.

You can share information about your products and services and their features, prices, and delivery policies.

Customers can purchase your products or avail of your services from the website itself, making it a vital platform to have for your business.

2. It Can Help You Share Information

Businesses need to convey information about their company and special offers to their clients. A website is a perfect medium for doing so.

You can share information about your business’s background, history, products, services, location, opening hours, contact information, and staff names.

Doing so gives potential clients and customers a behind-the-scenes look at your business and can help build a rapport between your enterprise and your audience.

3. It Is a Great Marketing Tool

A business website is an excellent marketing tool for companies to gain access to and convert their target audience.

For example, you can share the latest industry trends and developments on your website to keep your clients and customers up to date.

You can also provide a sneak peek of upcoming products and services your business is offering and special offers and discounts.

Should You Build a Business Website?

Businesses need proper website designs. If you have experience in website design and development, you can build your own website! However, if you don’t, working with a web design agency for better results is much better. 

A web design agency features professional web designers with plenty of experience creating websites for small businesses. They will undoubtedly take time to understand your company’s vision, products, and services. 

Moreover, a web design agency has the resources to develop an aesthetically pleasing and functional website. You won’t need to worry about missing pages, broken links, and gaudy website designs with their help. 

Ending Note

The pet industry is a lucrative business. If you’re thinking of entering the pet industry as a pet business owner, why not start by launching a business website for your business?

A website is an excellent way to easily share information about your business and convey your products and services. You can also share the latest industry trends and developments online to keep your clients and customers updated with the latest industry news.

If you’re looking for a web design agency in Wakefield to assist you with your pet business website, consider collaborating with Planet53. We are a web design agency that primarily works with small businesses to bring website visions to life. Give us a call to get started today.